Why #WriteToTell will no longer be a PDF Magazine made for Writers.

Confession: This might be the most personal blog post I ever wrote or the most honest I have ever been on social media.

#WriteToTell was a success. It was something I never thought it will be possible. I have seen so much engagement and activity and works of so many beautiful and talented writers which I have loved working with and I am incredibly proud of. Because of all the hard work and passion that has been put into each little piece of work, I am writing this post to explain why I have decided to make some changes to #WriteToTell.

Before starting I want to say that I fully support everyone that has been involved in the making of the two published issues (the 3rd issue will be out as well soon) and I know that this might not be what you want to hear but everyone deserves an answer.

In the last few months my perception or life has changed. As a wanderer and over thinker I realized that people in general (me included) are doing a lot of stuff that in most cases don’t benefit us at all. Consciously. >An easy example would be: staying too much on our phones / social media. – we know it’s a bad thing yet we are doing it anyway. >A stronger example would be: leaving trash in nature just because no one sees us or we don’t care I didn’t even wanted to understand the reason why we are doing the things we are doing, I only wanted to see a change.

Change takes time and even if it happens really really slowly we have to step up and somehow realize what has become unworthy. To me, to you, to everyone. I have become tired of hearing this. I have become tired of hearing people say that one person can’t make a difference. I want to believe that one person can! *I want to be naive that way.*

“I have become disappointed in humanity (I am not the only one) but I am not ready to give up on it yet.”

My vision and my idea might be intercepted as a fairy-tale, I’m aware but.. I feel like we have to wake up from our egocentric little world we have created and realize that after all we are all in this together and every action we make is either benefiting someone else or making things worse.

Continuing the nature/environmental example: “It’s just a plastic straw.” – said 8 millions of people.

We are feeding our ego by not caring enough, by being angry, jealous and materialistic. I really want to be in Hawaii sipping on a lemonade but what if I can land a hand to someone that has never seen the waves before.

I know we might not be capable of stopping wars or end world hunger but if we can make one day better than the next why won’t we do it? If we can share a story that will help someone in grief why won’t we? If we could open up and be honest about how we really feel in order to express courage, free will and passion, why won’t we do it?


What do I propose?

Because of all the issues that I am seeing and will no longer ignore, I want to change #WriteToTell to become a website where people will tell their stories and lead by example. As much as I love to read and see creative works (fantasy, drama, etc,) I want to focus mainly on issues that can be solved if enough correct information is right there.

For example: On every trip I go, on every hike I take, whenever I see trash, I pick it up and carry it with me until I will put it where it belongs. (In the garbage not in nature in case someone got confused) – I want more stories like that. Stories that will drive other people to do the same.

You never know who looks up to you, who you can inspire and help for the better. I want to make my journey in life matter with minimal damage to others and towards future generations. I know we care about huge profits, getting rich overnight and being better than everyone we know but let’s learn to offer more. Something that is more valuable than some pieces of paper that actually have no value. (If you know how the monetary system works you understand what I am saying)

On so many levels: this world needs you to give a damn. I know I don’t have to mention to health care system, the food industry, the education level, I won’t. I really really won’t. We all know what problems are out there, I am not willing to speak about them, I am only willing to raise awareness. Awareness for the better. By real stories. By example. We all say we want a change.

We all see that the way things are going are not in our best interest. As writers, as people, we can share better stories to inspire and help each other evolve and become better. Are you ready to share your story? What do you think? Have I’ve gone completely insane?