Rules & How To’s

Rules are boring but they are also necessary to keep things somehow balanced. Here are some rules and how to’s that you have to take into consideration before sending us your work.

How to Send Your Work

There are two options on how to submit your work.

A. You can use the Submit Your Work section from the website.

B. You can send an email at

When using option B, there a few things that need to be considered:

  1. You will have to send your work in either PDF Format, Google Docs or docs. (Other formats will not be allowed). You can also paste your work in the body of the email.
  2. In the Subject of the email write your full name + The title of your work.
  3. With your work, you must write a short bio about yourself and add your contact information. We want to link the work that you are sending us to the person that wrote it so in this way you get full credit on what you send us.


Name & Surname #WriteToTell
Short Bio #writewannabe – not a traveller. Destiny seeker. Troubled. – or something a little bit more serious than that. Something, you identify with. Something you want people to know You can do it, you’re a writer.
 Contact Info: You can add all your info + social profiles

Twitter: @writetotell

The information presented in the above table will appear in the e-zine next to your article. Make sure that people will want to read it. Get serious & Fun.

*If you do not want your Contact Info (or any other information) to appear next to your article, please mention that.

Rules – Your Work

The work can be flawed but it is better to try to keep the mistakes at minimum. We will revise the writing before publishing your work in the e-zine and let you know what we will find.

  • You will get feedback either way! Let’s assume that your work will not appear in the next number of the magazine. No problem. You will receive feedback on why your work did not get approved and tips on how you can improve. There is always a next time. We all know the story of J.K. Rowling started. Don’t we?
  • What can you send? There are no clear restrictions but I am sure you are smart and capable of writing something that is decent, clear and definitely worth reading. Fun is good, fantasy is better and romance never outdated. A text between 600 – 1,400 words is perfect.
  • The work needs to be original, done by you. This is the most important. You can’t copy someone else’s work. Plagiarism is not allowed. We will check for this. You can only send 2 works per month / per person and all work must be done in English.
  • Each number of the magazine will be released on the 18th of each month so all works must be submitted before the 10th. All works submitted after the 10th of the month will be attributed to the next number in the magazine.
  • Still not sure about what to write? Send a mention on Twitter: @writetotell or ask a question in the comment section down below.