Here is a short list of: Frequently Asked Questions.

How will my work be approved?

After you send us your work at submit@writetotellmagazine.com or at the Submit Your Work section from the website, we will revise it and send you a message (from the contact information you left when sending in your work).

You will receive a message even if your work did not get approved. + tips on how to improve & reasons why it got rejected

We will take in consideration:

The overall content and theme of the work
It’s originality (Plagiarism is not allowed)
The flow of the work

What criteria is taken into consideration when approving a work?

Quality over quantity. The work that you are sending us needs to be suitable for a larger audience and to inspire someone who is reading it.

What type of topics can I send?

All kinds of topics: health, informational, memoir, business. That’s the beauty of #WriteTOTell Magazine. It has EVERYTHING!

Can I add quotes in my work? Can I add images to my work?

As long as you are giving the source from where the quotes/images were taken from, sure.

The images will need to be uploaded either in Google Drive or Dropbox and send via a link.

In case the images / quotes are made by you : double thumbs up!

What if I want to keep my work anonymous?

If you want to keep your work anonymous you should mention this detail in the email/message.

Do you have other questions?

Please sent us an email at support@writetotellmagazine.com


Here you can also find an interview about #WriteToTell Magazine where I answer more personal questions like:

→ What message would you like to give to our readers?

→ What is my motivation?

→ What are the current issues that I am facing?

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