Here is a short list of: Frequently Asked Questions.


How will my work be approved?

After you send us your work at submit@writetotellmagazine.com or at the Submit Your Work section from the website, we will revise it and send you a message (from the contact information you left when sending in your work).

You will receive a message even if your work did not get approved. + tips on how to improve & reasons why it got rejected

We will take in consideration:

The overall content and theme of the work
It’s originality (Plagiarism is not allowed)
The flow of the work

What criteria is taken into consideration when approving a work?

Quality over quantity. The work that you are sending us needs to be fun, appropriate, and suitable for a larger audience.

If the work attracts and has an impact there is no reason why it won’t get published in the #writetotell e-zine.

What type of topics can I send?

All kinds of topics: health, informational, memoir, business. That’s the beauty of #WriteTOTell Magazine. It has EVERYTHING!

How does the Magazine look like?

Take a look at the previous numbers here.

When does the Magazine come out? Is there a deadline to submit my work?

A new number will come out on EVERY 18th of EVERY month.
It’s important to know that you will have to send your work before the 10th of each month if you want your work to appear in the next number.
If you send your work after the 10th of a certain month, it will appear in the following number of the Magazine

I am not a writer..can I send you my work anyway?

Absolutely. We support “new writers” and anyone that wants to express their ideas. That is what #writetotell is about.

What if I am a published writer?

Yes, you can send us your work too. We’re glad you are here.

Can there be two writers doing a work?

It sure can, the more the merrier. (they say). Just make sure you write both of the names when sending in your work. Annnd.. make sure you both work on your paper.

Can I submit poetry?

Absolutely! If you want to submit a poem, it should have between 4-8 stanzas.

What if I want to write but I don’t have any ideas? Could you help?

For sure! If you have the writers block or if you just don’t have any ideas of what you could write about but you know you want to, send an email at submit@writetotellmagazine.com and we can figure it out.

Can I add quotes in my work? Can I add images to my work?

As long as you are giving the source from where the quotes/images were taken from, sure.

The images will need to be uploaded either in Google Drive or Dropbox and send via a link.

In case the images / quotes are made by you : double thumbs up!

What if I want to keep my work anonymous?

If you want to keep your work anonymous you should mention this detail in the email/message.

Do you have other questions?

Please sent us an email at support@writetotellmagazine.com




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