Travel – Putting Romania on Map

We all love to travel and share our experiences. This post is about the heart of Romania which still needs to be discovered and heard. A Romania that is vivid, social and in a great expansion.

When it comes to making travelling plans and going places, each of us has two choices: The first option is to go outside of the country you are living, in order to discover new cultures, or to remain in your own country to try to amplify your current knowledge and understand better the place you are coming from.

Romania offers so much and even tho I am half Hungarian, I am willing and excited to find out as much as I can about Romania until I can move to the next country. I have been traveling since I was young and so far I have visited amazing places like Hawaii and Tenerife. Bright cities like Amsterdam and Seattle. Interesting states like: Ohio, Kentucky, New York and fell in love with Turkey and all of what it has to offer.

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