An Interview about #WriteToTell Online Magazine

Safar (सफर), meaning journey, is a platform through which I take the opportunity to interview beautiful minds. “Ambitious and open minded”, that’s how she defines herself. Carla is the founder of #WriteToTell Magazine. Carla, a final year Business Administration/Economy student who loves to coax data and creativity, obliges me by answering my questions as a part of the interview session I’ve at Safar.

1. Tell our readers something about your initiative #WriteToTell.

#WriteToTell, started off as a passion, is a magazine that contains the work of other writers/ bloggers and word lovers. Everyone can get involved and it is very easy to connect and see the work of other writers. With #WriteToTell writers can “promote” their work in a magazine that launches every month on the 18th, for free.

2. You could have started a personal blog. What made you want to engage with other writers?

See the full interview here:  #WriteToTell’s Carla at Safar — Randomness Inked


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