How to Increase Your Visitors, Views and overall Audience while Blogging – The Right Way

In today’s world anyone can open up a blog as it is relatively easily and in some cases it only takes up a few minutes. Ways are changing and the future looks promising when we think about the new innovations that are coming.  Even if, automation will become the key factor in managing most of the activities presented in the “virtual world”, creativity will still remain a factor that will make a difference.

With this blog post, I want to give you some blogging tips that have helped me make my stats strike over and over again since launching the website as well as since launching my online magazine for writers: #WriteToTell.

Before sending out the list that helped me get very impressive results in a short period of time, I want to say that I am really grateful for all the support I have received and to be honest, I did not expect such a big impact and involvement from all of you, talented people out there. So, thank you!


Getting right into the post:

  1. Previous Experience

What really has made a difference for me is that, I must admit, I had an experience in blogging before. This is not my first blog but it is my first website. Since the age of 12-13 I had several blogs on different platforms such as: Blogspot ( currently and WordPress. (which man, that has changed in the previous years, way to go!) which I closed over the years because of several reasons:

  • I was too young and I did not fully understand how much of an impact it has.
  • I was undecided, without a clear vision.
  • I was still finding myself
  • It was in Romanian and I did not reach the audience I wanted to reach.

Even back then I remember I was going pretty good with the stats and my mother told me not to delete my blogs but I did not listen. I think she was the happiest person when I decided to create #WriteToTell. She calls me every time I make a blog post and shares every link.

However, looking back, I do miss on a certain level my previous blogs which were about different topics: lifestyle, love or just my writings. However, I did make a lot of friends in the “blogging world” with which I still talk today and they are great bloggers in Romania. Yay for them!

     2. Sticky Notes

Now, this might sound to you a little bit weird but “sticky notes”? How do sticky notes play along with blogging?

Let me tell you, that stick notes are a life savior! I am not old fashioned, I am actual using certain applications that help me manage my time, my posts and other activities I need to perform outside #WriteToTell and blogging, but there is something about stick notes that turn out to me amazing ideas. (#WriteToTell was launched because of a sticky note, all my blog posts are happening because of the cool sticky notes and certainly not because of marking task as “complete”)

Your blog is a makeup of ideas that you must regularly have.  – me

Now, ideas are coming throughout the day, most likely in the moments you are pretty busy doing something else and you have to be prepared to write all your ideas down! Trust me, otherwise, you will not remember them. Trust your gut. Trust your instinct. There is nothing wrong it making notes over notes over notes. Make good use of them. And those ideas that give you a quick impulse during your day, will make the difference in your blog and your posts.

     3. Engaging

One of the most important things I did prior to launching my blog was engaging with other bloggers, writers and whoever I want my targeted audience to be. No one will be looking out for your blog, you have to make people know about what you are doing. Everyone is busy, everyone has something on their mind, give them a good reason why they should check your work out.

  • Talk to other bloggers. Help promote each other. Know how to receive feedback. Be brave in sharing your work. (the most important)
  • Commenting and liking others work is a somewhat form of respect to the work they have put into their blog posts. Appreciate that.
  • Be the one that lifts others up if you expect the same in return.
  • Share your posts on social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. See what works for you and only keep those platforms.

   4. Offer more – Improve even more

Now, I wasn’t sure I want to mention this because everyone knows it but it is really important to offer quality content that others are willing to read.

Your blog is getting a lot of views and visitors per day? That’s awesome, I am happy for you!

Please make sure that you will find new ways of improving your blog posts by either editing the blog posts that you have posted or by making certain optimizations to your blog that will make it easier accessible.

Come up with something different and engaging every time. Keep your audience guessing on what you will do next.


   5. Never give up.

If you realized that blogging is for you, that you return to it everytime (as I do), that you are relaxed and proud of yourself when making a new blog post. This is something that is made for you. Don’t let go of that.

Keep writing and keep blogging.

You’ve got this!




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