6 Unwritten Rules That Lead to Greatness That Actually Work

If you are one of those ambitious people that want to achieve something that seems at first impossible, you have to know that there are some unwritten rules that you haven’t heard of before. In case you are one of those people that feel like changing a habit is particularly hard, you have to know that making a change is easier that it seems.

This blog post offers you some areas in which you can start improving your life, starting today.

Expeditious. Adjective. “Done with speed and efficiency.”

Did it ever happen to you that you stood for hours trying to think of a better way to get things done? For instance you spend 10 hours trying to write that report and all you did was write the introduction? Someone smart had a saying that if you spend too much time getting a job done, then you probably should stop working on that job.
If you think at it a different way, in those 10 hours you probably didn’t even focus on the report because your mind was wondering about all the other things you can do after you finish the report. Isn’t it ironic how we want to believe that we are getting things done when in reality we are just waiting for time to pass. Uh-uh. Teach your mind to focus on the present situation only then do the things that follow.

Stick To It

Let’s say you got an idea that you want to lose 5 pounds by summer and you have already created a routine that you followed for seven days. The following week you stopped working out and you are so disappointed that you didn’t manage to find the time to stick to your program that you already give up.
The big picture is that you want to lose 5 pounds by summer. The small picture is that you stopped working for a week. Your issue? You only start to see the small picture and you don’t even consider your end goal.
Find an activity to enjoy, create a plan and stick to it. There will be days when you will give up. Get over those days, read the next point and stick to what you want to do.

Manage Your Time Well
Remember when you were little and your mom used to always call you inside when you were having the best time playing with your friends? Well, she might have had a better intention that you think. (even if you ended up being the party breaker almost every time)

Between being a kid with an attitude and a grown up wanna be in your early twenties-thirties, along the way many things did not change. You still like to waste time with your friends just hanging out, playing video games and slurp on those beers that you enjoy so much on a Friday night. Now, I know that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time but when will you make your time actually matter? Sure, going out and having fun is necessary but what happens when you make too much of something? Wasn’t it a saying that underlined that too much of everything can make you sick? Sure it was and sure it can.
Next time your friend invites you to play a board game for the 6th time that week, tell him you’ll pass this time because you want to finish that task you postponed six days ago that will probably end up by being your raise of salary.


Embrace Failure
No one ever wants to admit that they failed at something. We are often being put in situations when everything around us brings us down, and we have to overcome the fact that some things need to work out differently. Did you know that Steve Harvey was a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner and a mailman before he actually become who he is today?
There are many doors that will close for you but if you will manage to keep your eyes open you will see that there are even many doors that will open for you.

Don’t Numb Your Senses

If you have a certain feeling about something don’t push it away. Don’t act like it isn’t there. Don’t believe when people will tell you that you are incapable of getting the job done.
If you have ideas running through your head and you can’t sleep, write them done, write every single one of them. Try to understand where it is coming from. And listen to that intuition that tells you where you should be going. Your feelings never lie. They may be absurd but they never lie. Listen to yourself.

Think Greater

Things aren’t only about you. All your actions involve at least another person. Know that. Know that you are not alone and on the steps that you are crossing right now, others have crossed it before.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.” — Charles Dickens


What is something that you always wanted to do and never did? Do it right now!



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