9 Remarkable Things Social Media has Taught me

I really wanted to write on the blog today and while “struggling” on what post should I make, I opened Facebook and said to myself that the first thing I will see, will help me have an idea. I laughed, of course, it’s silly …what can I actually learn from Facebook!? .. Taking a deep breath, stretching up a little, I realized that Facebook must be good at something since it makes us repeatedly check it in order to be up to date.

What happened after? Well, this quick ionized article.

1. It is really easy to make up a good story

Quotes make a difference, emojis make a statement and all the filters and editors out there are telling your story. A quick edit here, another edit there and we are in Bahamas right from our backdoor. Aren’t we proud now?

2. Time is important – you lose it

         Here, we have more situations that involve time

  • If you do not post a photo/video in the present tense, it doesn’t matter that much, #TB are throwbacks and they don’t make that much sense now. You are being nostalgic, we get it.
  • You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, get on social media, you feel like you were active 5 minutes, then you are eating dinner.
  • You check social media just to avoid doing things in your own life. You use social media to procrastinate. “I am just quickly going to check this, then I will start cleaning”


3. People don’t remember your birthday

It’s funny how you get over 100 wishes on your birthday (only from Social Sites) when you are making public your Birth Information. As soon as you take that information out, you will only get about 10 wishes..but those 10…you will really cherish.

4. You can really avoid people if you’re on social media

You don’t like me? I know..because you’ve been scrolling for the past 10 minutes. You want to be left alone, I get you, we’re good. No approaches.

5. You either feel better or worse about your life

Most of the people that are posting, are posting moments they enjoy, (excluding, all the wishes and dramatic quotes about how life is strong but you are stronger)  – sure it makes sense. And you are at home, generally scrolling so you genuinely will start to feel bad because you are not doing anything exciting.  Well, this is when you lose.

You feel better, when you see things that are not related to other people but related to you. Football scores, or that cute puppy breed you want to buy as well.


6. No matter what you say, someone will debate you

Do they agree with your opinion? Do they not? Everyone has something to say, why should they not because it is so much easier to talk and express yourself between four walls.

7. Privacy?  – What is that for?

You know my favorite places, my hobbies, activities, the future names of my children and what i do on Saturday mornings. How could you not? I post everything. There is no barrier. And all those stored data? mmhmmm..

8 . Keeping in touch

Communication is really good, happy it happens.  It is so good to be able to get in touch easily with other people either from your past, who you haven’t seen in awhile or current people that you see on a daily basis. For that, all the thumbs up.

9. Sharing is caring & it gets you united

How many times have you not shared something funny or a post that someone can relate to? It creates or keeps “little” bonds. And now we have to be honest, all of us should enjoy a good laugh.

With all that in mind, the point would be that every other things in life have advantages and disadvantages so it would be normal for Social Media to have those too. I am not with, I am not against social media, I am just simply noticing.

What would be the 10th remarkable thing about social media? That it won’t disappear soon?



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