How My Wishes Came True in Less Than 6 Months – with Image Proofs

I am an visionary, a dreamer and an enthusiast.

All of the above make me want to be unstoppable and somewhat brave in certain situations. In the last two years my life has changed completely, for the better and even if there is more to tell in this story what will remain is that finally, I figured what works for me.

With this post, I am hoping that I can help you by showing that it can be done. Everyone can turn their world around and become extraordinary. All you need to do is know what you want. What you really want.

At first, when I started this experiment, I didn’t actually believe that things can actually turn out the way I want them to be  and now I am surprised they do because now I can wish for greater things and even work harder for creating a SMART plan.

Here is what happened:

Around June, last year, I have brought a plain cardboard board where I decided I would put some images that inspire me. I didn’t know much about me, except that I like to write, travel, that nature inspires me and I want to become healthy and strong. I did not know anything specifically and I did not set any targets. I didn’t want to become healthy in less than 6 months and I did not want to go to extraordinary places in less than 3 weeks.

Knowing so little, I started to search for some inspiring images that are related to writing, traveling, health, money. As soon as I found them, I went to print them out and start putting them on the board. Here is how the first version looked like:


As you can see there are many images with quotes, working, a girl with a car, running, books, travel, apartments.  I have put the vision board on the wall and I used to look at it two to three times per day. Every-time I looked at it, it would give me a very powerful, positive feeling.

Months passed and I didn’t realize until December that my vision board needs to be changed as almost everything that I’ve put there has become my reality.

Travel: when it comes to this point, most of the images are related to water views, sand and warm weather. Well, my images are better than the one I’ve put on the vision board.

Writing: I started writing a book which is currently done by half. Right now I have taken a short break from writing as my priorities for the moment have changed. I will continue to write on my book and I will make sure to give you an update.

Running/Health: I did stated to be more active but here there is still a tons of room for improvement.  When it comes to eating, I completely changed my eating habits and I do eat a lot of nutrients, veggies and fruits. Tons! Nicely put, all I eat is plants.

Money: Pay raises: √ Saving money: √ Handling Finances Better: √

Apartment: I have moved in December in a gorgeous apartment with a very pretty city view.


Car: I started doing the driver school. I passed the theory exam and now I have to pass the driving around the city part as well.

Looking at all of these points all I can see is a clear improvement. There are some other things that have changed and can’t be seen on the vision board as: letting go of toxic people out of my life and working on doing things that really matter in the long run.

I wanted to write this post to let you know that things actually happen and when I noticed all of the changes happening to me as well, I could not believe it. I always liked to plan things out and before I was making notes. Right now, I am making notes, putting images up and working on my next vision board.

What are your goals and plans for this year?




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