Travel – Putting Romania on Map

We all love to travel and share our experiences. This post is about the heart of Romania which still needs to be discovered and heard. A Romania that is vivid, social and in a great expansion.

When it comes to making travelling plans and going places, each of us has two choices: The first option is to go outside of the country you are living, in order to discover new cultures, or to remain in your own country to try to amplify your current knowledge and understand better the place you are coming from.

Romania offers so much and even tho I am half Hungarian, I am willing and excited to find out as much as I can about Romania until I can move to the next country. I have been traveling since I was young and so far I have visited amazing places like Hawaii and Tenerife. Bright cities like Amsterdam and Seattle. Interesting states like: Ohio, Kentucky, New York and fell in love with Turkey and all of what it has to offer.

The plan for me, in the next years is to discover more things about my country. I plan to go every weekend (as soon as the weather stops being as in Siberia)  in a new place to: hike, paddle board, swim, run, relax, read and of course write.

Some great cities in Romania to visit are: București, Cluj, Sibiu, Timișoara and Brașov, where I am currently living and I would gently describe it as being a city that enlightens every part of you.


A remarkable somehow dull city full of medieval streets that bring out the old as well as the new spirits to make you forever remember its way. Braşov is a city that is meant to be catched and experienced, located in the central historical region out of which the Dacian citadels set forth can still be felt today as you boldly walk in the city. Even just taking a short glance you can see from the start the variety of styles that are mixed to show the city’s real beauty. Admiring the massive stone walls and seven bastions around the city you can still experience the sensitive emotions that thrill your body when you really let yourself be impressed.

Buildings with more windows than rooms, colorful and braided shapes binding with the view of Tampa, a beautiful mountain that surprises anyone that comes around, in every season, every different year. A city that makes you wonder if the buildings were surrounded by the Mountain of if the Mountain overcome the whole city. There is still more to be found out about the city that has sensations we are not aware off, for example: during the time of the Dacians, archaeologists have discovered a bone pit from that period, indicating that a pagan cult was practiced there, which may have explained the restlessness of the city.

The perfect time to fall in love with Braşov is right after a rain, as the old with the new mix perfectly during that time. The not too cold but chilly atmosphere that is in the air that is being united with the smell of true history and time passing from the buildings, give Braşov the real power it has.



But the cities and the touristic places aren’t all in Romania, there are the unknown parts. The places that only some people know about. The legends, the forever told stories that someone once started them. Those are the ones that I want to know more of.

I will fall in love with Romania and I will share every single experience from this journey of untold yet stories. A Romania that is known by few and left by so many. 

I hope you will too.




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3 thoughts on “Travel – Putting Romania on Map

  1. I also find it fascinating to learn more about legends whenever I visit a place and Romania certainly has its fair share of old tales and mysteries. Most of them are not that well known and it is a wonderful experience finding out more about theme, especially because some of them have certain fantastic elements.

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