Problems and Situations that All of The Writers Face

I wanted the first blog post to be something personal. My “writer voice” is somewhat unfamiliar, distant to you. It shouldn’t be. It should be brave and honest. It should captivate you.

Writing since the age of 6, I stumbled on many situations (we don’t say problems – ironic title reference) that either made me feel uncomfortable or made me question myself. Writing does that to you. This blog post underlines some troubles that us, writers, face: before, during or after (not necessary in that order) the writing process with certain emotions associated. Let’s go!

If doesn’t matter if you have been writing on your blog, on your first novel or on your next book, as a writer, I am sure that you have stumbled on at least one of the following situations.

The Blank

I won’t even mention the over recurring problems involving the “writer’s block”, lack of ideas and constant thought of “Why am I even doing this!?” as, I feel like, this is something that we already know too well.

I will however, definitely mention, that even if that blank piece of paper has been sitting silently like that for months, you will rewrite. You will find you words. Writers always do. Trust the feelings you get.

The Excitement

You are a winner. You are on top of your game. You finally know that your work is a brilliant idea, that will change lives and bring you closer to the writer’s world and nothing can stop you.


Now, these moments are wonderful but they do not last for long. In this situation, you must hold on to your ideas. Sprints. Sprints. Sprints. Don’t lose your thoughts. Write. Write. Write. When this moment comes, you don’t do anything else. Your focus is complete. You are really there, writing. *breath*… It feels great.

The Indignant

The great ideas only appear when you have something important to do and you can’t focus on writing.  *Really? Really?…Now I have ideas..?*

  • Are you already in the middle of three tasks, running late for work and lost your keys? Perfect! Here is your new book idea. It’s going to be revolutionary!
  • You are half asleep in bed after a long day.. Lovely! Here is this characters personality. Now go grab your pen, you want to write this down.
  • Are you taking a shower? No pen/paper/laptop? … You better remember your idea.

The Misunderstood

  • You’re a paradox. You want to be left alone to write but you want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather with your friends.
  • You feel like you have been writing forever and when you check the word count it only shows you 400 words.
  • I don’t want anyone to read and see my work but I want to be a bestseller author.
  • The love-hate relationship that you have with writing that you don’t know how to embrace or get rid of.


The Critique

  • #amediting? More like..deleting everything that I wrote in the past year because…”What was I thinking…?”
  • I don’t know what to write about. I don’t even know my niche. Do I need one? What do I want to share?
  • There are too many writers out there. I will never make it. I’ll just write for me.

The Second Guessing One

This might be great but I don’t know..I am not ready…I don’t want to do this for sure..What will others think..What would they believe of me?…What if my writing actually sucks?”

My advice: Take that step you are afraid to take. Do something that will finally make you feel proud and good. You have put so many hours, dedication and passion in writing, you deserve to start feeling great about it.

This leads me to #WrieToTell Magazine. You as a writer, can have your work published in an online magazine, for free. Have the courage you have been lacking to try something new.
My Word: Gratitude

This could be just me but I want to take a second to be grateful and appreciative of getting to know so many writers and bloggers.

Also, I want to be thankful for all those “lost” nights when I was reading instead of sleeping and at last but not least, I want to be grateful for having the courage to start #WriteToTell and this blog section and seeing how much support I can receive. Thank you!


I challenge you, reader, to choose a word that describes how you feel about writing and post it in the comments below. I’ve already started.

Ending this post, all writers make an 100% effort when sharing their ideas. If this post was #Relatable – Please Share it with your friends.

#WriteToTell – Carla


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2 thoughts on “Problems and Situations that All of The Writers Face

  1. Hmm right now, the way I would describe how writing makes me feel is…Humbled. It’s a way for me to express myself and I have found that the more honest I am in writing, the more I find other people have shared experiences – it’s a very humbling feeling and creates a sense of connectivity to fellow people :). Thank you for sharing!


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