What is #WriteToTell?

#WriteToTell Has a Voice!

Writing for yourself can be an astonishing pain and a pleasure at the same time. Because of this reason I wanted to create an online magazine (e-zine) where, us, writers (or #wannabe writers) can share a part of our writings and see how people react to it. 

It all started when I saw that there are so many people that are writing without actually having a privilege to share their work and many more people are not writing and they wish they were. Most of us don’t have the courage to put our work “our there”; with #WriteToTell Magazine, you get to have a little courage and see where it takes you.


Are you thinking about getting involved? Think no more.

✔ It’s FREE & Fun.

✔ You only need between 600-1,400 words of your work.

✔ You receive full credit on what you send.

✔ You get to show others your reference.

✔ No hassle at making up all the details.

✔ You have a chance at competing with other writers & see their work.

How it works?

On every 18th of the month, an #WriteToTell Online Magazine of articles from different writers will be published.

  1. Write something that you want to share. A story. An article. An idea. Remember you only need between 600-1,400 words to impress your audience.
  2. Send us your work at submit@writetotellmagazine.com  or on the Submit Your Work section from our website.
  3. Wait to get a response for your work (you will receive a response even if you work gets rejected + tips on how to improve + reasons why your work did not get approved)
  4. See your work get published (with your full credits) in an online magazine that will be available on this website.
  5. Still have doubts? Check out the FAQ Section or leave a comment in the section below.

Wait…There is more!

After the fist number of the #WriteToTell Magazine will be released, everyone can vote the best work based on a pool that will appear on the website.

There are some rules BUT the winner gets to write a full article on the blog section. Which will lead to the winner having:

  • More recognition
  • More reference
  • More courage
  • More people knowing him/her
  • Full credit, of course.
  • Future collaborations.
  • And much more.

More updates will be on the Twitter account

Until then, Start Working on Your Next Article!