What is #WriteToTell?

#WriteToTell Has a Voice!

#WriteToTell is a place where you can leave your mark on the world. You are invited to share your story in the purpose of inspiring and helping others.


Because the world needs more people that give a damn.


Are you thinking about getting involved? Think no more.

✔ It’s FREE & Fun.

✔ You only need your real story that you want to share.

✔ You receive full credit on what you send.

✔ You get to show others your reference.

✔ No hassle at making up all the details.

✔ You have a chance at changing someones life for the better

How it works?

  1. Really open up to yourself and share your story. A story that others would look up to.
  2. Send us your work at submit@writetotellmagazine.com  or on the Submit Your Story section from our website.
  3. Wait to get a response for your work (you will receive a response even if you work gets rejected + reasons why your work did not get approved)
  4. See your work get published (with your full credits) on this website.


Need more info? Check Out Why #WriteToTell

More updates will be on the Twitter account

Until then…